Vi är inte rädda för er. Video från i fredags i #Gállok #kallak


2 thoughts on “Vi är inte rädda för er. Video från i fredags i #Gállok #kallak

  1. Maria T

    Inte ett endaste dugg! Är inte, kommer aldrig vara. Kommer aldrig ge upp för det förtryck de representerar!!
    Filmmakare: Jag saknar dig men blir så glad när jag ser den här filmen!!! ❤

  2. mayan001

    Friends (herman@s…this means both male & female), It is thrilling to connect with you and your indigenous peoples (and allies) movement. We are responding from Southern California (San Diego) and would gladly assist in spreading the cultural/ecological news from your land (tierra). Please send an address, as we would like to mail you some cultural items to offer respect and our commitment to this noble cause we are all challenged with. That is, unity and knowledge of each other. None of us are alone. Best Regards, j. ricardo trujillo-carrillo retired train operator mestizo xican@ Viva Aztlan ps we are the Independent Mestiz@- Xican@ Alliance of Aztlan. We support, without conditions, the surviving First peoples (Nations) of Our Planet. From our Mapuche in Chile, our Maya (Zapatistas most especially) in Central Americas, to the Mohawk of Canada, we cherish our collective histories and our eventual stewardship of all Mother Earth.

    On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 7:00 AM,


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